About me

My name is Jason Ramasami.

I like drawing stuff that helps other people get their ideas across.

“With a few seemingly effortless strokes he always manages to capture the crux of the argument with freshness and clarity.“ Andy Tharby, Author/Editor of Making Every Lesson Count
"Jason brought a fresh, playful perspective to the project… his work is deceptively simple in appearance - a lot of thought goes in to distilling a concept down to it’s essence." Sally Manser, Head of Royal Opera House Bridge
“To be blunt, every time I’ve seen his graphic representation of something I write, it delights me and makes the text come alive. He’s got a rare brain that channels humor and insight into what can be very abstract for some people.” Ted Turnau, Author of Popologetics

If you have a project in mind then get in touch via email (saamvisual at gmail dot com) or twitter.

What is 'saamvisual'?

Rama-sam-i visuals. Just like that.

Give me a quick tour - I'm too lazy to click on menus.


Okay, so there's

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Hopefully that gets you started.